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Agent Sphere is an enterprise level suite of applications and services, giving you everything needed to market, qualify and convert new prospects on auto-pilot.

Client Acquisition Services

Don't waste anymore time with the old client acquisition methods. We use proprietary databases combined with modern AI learning to discover when people are ready to buy. That followed up with genuine humans calling to verify and make an appointment for new business. At the same time verifying the personal requirements you have when you look for your ideal next client.

Customer Communication

Agents Sphere is a single solution for all your calls, texts, and emails. Using modern encryption to ensure that no one but you has access to your confidential conversations. Even we do not have access.


Marketing to the wrong people is often the at the heart of many failed campaigns. Through our innovative Metasurance portal, consumers will become more aware as to how insurance Agents can help mitigate their risks.

Our Solutions

After leaving my first insurance job $80,000 in debt, I knew there had to be better way.

Agents Sphere is comprised of lead generation execs, insurance agents, and entrepreneurs that found themselves collectively saying, "There has to be a better way." Everything Agents Sphere has done to date is designed to work proactively as an extension of your agency. We are committed to providing you with unique software and AI solutions that will revolutionize the insurance industry.

Why We do What We Do

As a Farmers Insurance Agent for three years in Denver, Colorado, I learned quite a bit about the problems insurance agents face. I set out to create a solution for consumers and agents alike.

Here’s my story.

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