Client Acquisition Services

Live transfer Leads

Let our team take on the burden of cold prospecting, delivering pre-qualified clients to your agency without you having to work the prospect. Our databases and AI mean that we can hand pick the best people to contact at the best time. You receive the call along with everything you need to know to get started. They are made for you and not resold ever.

Since these are made just for you never worry about raceing to pickup calls only to find someone else has got to it first. These leads want to talk to you and are ready to buy. This modern method means that you can spend your time doing what you do best. Actually talking with the customer and providing real service.
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Customer Communication

Agentssphere is a single solution for all your calls, texts, and emails. Using modern encryption to ensure that no one but you has access to your confidential conversations. Even we do not have access.

Providing a safe interface allows agents to exchange confidential and sensitive information with clients. This is especially important today, as agents frequently send PII through Emails and Text Messages. Email and text providers absolve themselves of liability leaving a potentially sizeable E&O claim with the Agent. Our platform mitigates this risk.


Marketing to the wrong people is often the at the heart of many failed campaigns. Through our innovative Metasurance portal, consumers will become more aware as to how insurance Agents can help mitigate their risks.

Meatasurance will automatically find and explore cross-sell and upsell opportunities. Making it easy to inform consumers on the areas of insurance where their exposure is the highest.

Since our marketing will be timely and on point, we will maximize the chances that an Insurance Agent has with a consumer.

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