Our story Continued

After leaving my first insurance job $80,000 in debt, I knew there had to be better way.

Agents Sphere is comprised of lead generation execs, insurance agents, and entrepreneurs that found themselves collectively saying, “There has to be a better way.” Everything Agents Sphere has done to date is designed to work proactively as an extension of your agency. We are committed to providing you with unique software and AI solutions that will revolutionize the insurance industry.

Why We do What We Do

As a Farmers Insurance Agent for three years in Denver, Colorado, I learned quite a bit about the problems insurance agents face. I set out to create a solution for consumers and agents alike. Here’s my story.

One day I was contacted by a Farmers Insurance District Manager. He pitching me an opportunity to build my own agency. I agreed to hear him out since I had built two different insurance companies – one for student health and another for cell phones – and I was looking to build a third.

Grand “Opportunity”

His pitch was this: Farmers has award-winning, world-class training; Farmers will be there to help you step by step to build your agency with boot camp style training; Farmers will even provide an office for you to work out of. He pitched a cool glass of Kool-Aid, and I drank it all up.

Over the next three years, I discovered all the ways Farmers had lied to me. I also discovered that Farmers wasn’t the only one lying to their talent. Other captive carriers like Allstate, State Farm, Liberty Mutual, and American Family were doing the same.

During my time at Farmers, I learned about the grief an agent goes through every day. I shared all my concerns and insights with my District Manager only to be met with a deaf ear. The only thing worse than my district manager’s refusal to act on my issues was when he actually tried to help.

Advice from the 90’s

The District Manager only advice was, “A great way to be successful is to buy door hangers from Farmers and hang them on as many doors as you can.” Literally everything that my District Manager told me about marketing was proven to be costly, antiquated, and ultimately dead wrong.

Change of tactics

I joined Agency Alliance to learn more about Social Media Marketing, and I rediscovered many of the same things that I had previously learned during my IT Career. At Agency Alliance I developed a lead delivery system to streamline the process of taking leads from Facebook getting them to the agents as quickly as possible. The lead delivery system was taking up most of my time,making it nearly impossible to get out and on the phone to close sales. I talked to many agents from many different carriers and found my experience to be typical.

I left Farmers with over $80,000 of debt and very little to show for it. I continued to talk with Agents all across the country to hear about what they do and how they do it. I heard many of the same complaints about bad leads and outrageous support staff costs. These are complaints that I am sure Farmers has heard but has done nothing about.

Turning Point

Eventually, I came up with an idea. I attempted to share my idea with others in the industry but quickly ran into disagreements with people who didn’t mind keeping their employees down as long as they were profiting. I quickly parted ways with those people and set out to build a team of like-minded individuals that could implement my idea. Now, we have an amazing product to show for our dedication to improving a broken system. Our lead generating system solves many of the issues agencies and their operators prefer to ignore. Our team continues to strive to create, improve, and offer unique services for the insurance market that solve real problems.

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